“Pimp My Ramen! Simple Hacks to Elevate Your Home Ramen” | Beautchat, December 2019

“Seoul Date Spots: A Cosy Winter’s Date, Gangnam Style!” | Beautchat, December 2019

“Soju Gets Fancy! A Visit to Seoul’s Traditional Brewery” | Beautchat, November 2019

“5 Apps to Level Up Your Korean Life” | Beautchat, November 2019

“Fall in Seoul: Hiking Mt Bukhansan” | Beautchat, October 2019

“Seoul Date Spots: A Casual 3-Step Date in Seochon | Beautchat, October 2019

“Wild Geese: Reverse Migration and Finding Belonging” | ILDA, August 2018


Season 1, Episode 6: Hana Crisp and Subin Kim | Adapted Podcast, September 2016

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